Curriculum Policies

All curriculum policies are reviewed annually by  Subject Leaders.

Click on the links below to view this year’s curriculum policies.

Our Curriculum Policy 2018

RE Policy 2018

Mathematics Policy 2018

English Policy 2018

Computing Policy 2018

Science Policy 2018

Humanities Policy 2018

Art and Design Policy 2018

Languages Policy 2018

Music Policy 2018

Physical Education Policy 2018

Of course, it is vitally important to differentiate our curriculum and how it is delivered to accommodate the range of abilities/needs within a class.

With regards to this, please click on the links below for further information.

Higher Learning Potential Policy 2018

SEN Policy 2018

Of course, accurate and rigorous assessment plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the curriculum that we deliver is appropriate and meets the needs of all of our children.

Please click on the link below to view how we ensure that our feedback and marking of children’s work is both effective and informative.

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Effective Feedback and Marking