As we approach our final half term we celebrate a few events from Summer 1 and look forward to some extremely busy but exciting weeks ahead.

Flower Show

We celebrated our annual flower show before the holidays with some very special judges. Not only were some of our Governors present to judge but two of our local councillors.A fantastic afternoon was enjoyed by all especially the winners Reception. Well done to every class for their lovely Wheelbarrow which will just get better and better. The theme this year was our class books. Thank you for the beautiful singing from the choir and of course the presence of the ice cream van helped everyone smile (even me!)


Dragon’s Apprentice

Year 5 Dragon’s have been busily planning their project with the fundraising taking place, Bring & buy sale,Penalty shoot out, bake off and cake sale and soak Mr Gallagher. All events were very successful with £180.00 being raised for Four Swannes Vision. The final Presentation will be delivered on Monday to the panel.


Football Bake off

Colour run


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Fantastic Summer Fitness

This week children in years 1-6 have taken part in fitness training.  They have done circuit training suitable for their age and I was very proud to see how hard each and every one of them worked.  It is natural to be tired after completing high intensity activities and it will get easier if they persevere.

Year 4, 5 and 6 children took part in the “Bleep Test” in which you run 15 metres before the next “bleep” goes.  The bleeps speed up gradually.  Instead of the complaining you might expect after such a tricky challenge, I was greeted by lots of smiling faces and requests to do it again!  Well done boys and girls – I love your enthusiasm.

After half term we will all be taking on a fitness challenge – we would like everyone to become fitter and healthier than they are at the moment.   As part of this initiative and our Healthy Schools policy, children in years 5 and 6 have a fitness log to keep for half term week so they can see how close they are to achieving the recommended 1 hour of exercise per day.  Children in other years will receive their logs after half term.  We will be keeping an eye open for people putting in that extra bit of effort.  In July, hopefully we will repeat the same fitness challenges so each person can find out if they’ve improved.

You may have received an email about a free running course in Cheshunt park beginning after half term.  Please consider allowing your child(ren) to take part in this.

Have a wonderful – and hopefully active – half term.

Miss Gunn

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International Day Celebrations 2019

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May Procession

Year 3 presented a beautiful procession with Mary this morning. Thank you year 3 and to Mrs Skelton who has battled with little voice this week to make it a memorable service. 

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Our week in action!

Our new addition

We Welcome our new stag. He or she now needs a name so if you think of one then please let me know. Well done to those children who worked so hard on Wednesday to ensure it was completed. 



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What’s the news?

High Sheriff Visit

This week was a very special week for us at St Joseph’s as we were privileged to receive a visit from the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire ,the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. We were recognised for all the tireless work we do to support our children and they thanked us for being the school we are. I think at times we don’t realise what we have or what we do. We do have a lot to celebrate that we don’t always ,but that is not to say that we do have a lot of work to do in order to be an even more amazing school. 

Thank you to the staff and pupils who made Monday such a special morning for us in just doing what is expected here at St Joseph’s.


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Summer Term

Doesn’t time fly!Our first week back has been a busy one. Four days seems like five!

Our week started and ended with a an Easter reflection, more so today with our beginning of term mass which Fr John celebrated with us in school. Our PTA Flossathon was a great success this morning with children and some staff joining in. The final celebration of the week was for Matthew and John house who celebrated their spring win in style with free time on the field and in the forest with Choc ices.

Further information can be found in our weekly newsletter.

We look forward to a busy but exciting term ahead filled with many activities and events as always.


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The final hours!

Our Spring term is nearly over and what a term it has been.Busy and busier comes to mind.Thank you parents for your support and kindness this term,we are celebrating a successful term and look forward to even more after Easter.

Here is a glimpse of our week with some special highlights from today’s beautiful Easter story,the talent show (with a special mention for the event organisers Enzo,Ella,JJ and Krisana),topic sharing in year 3 with their volcanoes and year 4 and their American topic . The line dancing was absolutely amazing! (What a week year 4!!!) 

The Weekly Newsletter is available in the ‘For Parents’ section 

Have a lovely Easter!


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And the winners are…

…Year 2!

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Silver Coin Challenge, we raised a total of £183.85. The results were as follows:

  • Reception – £26.45
  • Year 1 – £37.30
  • Year 2 – £43.75
  • Year 3 – £12.60
  • Year 4 – £24.40
  • Year 5 – £15.30
  • Year 6 – £24.05

Well done Year 2 – you will receive your treat from the PTA on Friday.

What a great way to finish off the term!

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Silver Coin Challenge!

The deadline for the challenge is tomorrow! (3rd April 2019)

The competition is really hotting up so to make sure that it’s your class that receives a treat from the PTA for collecting the most please keep bringing in those spare silver coins!

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