Year 1 Class News

W/C 03/09/12


Dear Parents/guardians,

Firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the parents and children of year one. I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. There are lots of fun activities planned for your children and I am sure it will be a challenging yet exciting year!


Children will have two PE sessions a week: an indoor session on a Tuesday and an outdoor session on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has his/her P.E kit in school on these days. During the cold weather it is advisable that your child has a pair of black jogging bottoms to wear outside during the P.E lesson. Children may also wear trainers for outdoor sessions.

Book bags will be taken home on a Friday and returned on a Wednesday so that homework can be updated. Library books will be changed every Friday. These will be taken home on Fridays and returned each Wednesday with homework.


If you have any questions or worries please feel free to come and see me. I am looking forward to working with your child further, building on their knowledge and of course having lots of fun on our learning journey!


Heres a few pictures of what we have been up to this week:

The children have started their new topic in RE called myself. They have  been working  very hard to create this beautiful display.


The children have also been busy doing some work for their science display relating to the topic of ‘Ourselves’

 Next week the children will start learning about a book called ‘ Class two at the zoo’. On Friday children created pictures in the ICT suite of their favourite zoo animals.

The children have been having lots of fun playing with their new dolls house! Thank you to Mrs Reynolds and her friend for donating it to the school!


 W/C 25/06/12

On Thursday we visited Walton-On-The-Naze seaside, and what a fantastic day we had! The children had fun building castles and trenches in the sand. The children also enjoyed splashing in the sea and collecting some beautiful shells. Have a look at our class pictures of the day below!






Still on the subject of seaside, the children also continued their topic of ‘seaside in the past’. The children used their knowledge of Victorian seaside activities to create some lovely pictures on the computer.  Great job year 1!


Finally, I would like to remind everyone to keep practising sounds and timestables (particularly 2x 5x 10x) over the summer holiday. This will consolidate their learning and make sure they are prepared for year 2 next year. I would just like to say a big thankyou to all parents and carers for supporting their child this year. I have had a fantastic time teaching all of your wonderful children and I will miss them dearly !I hope you have an enjoyable summer with your children!


W/C 25/06/12

After lots of hard work and practise the children finally performed their fantastic class assembly on Friday! Well done to all of year 1, you all did  a superb job! Thank you to  all the parents who came to watch and for providing your children with the clothes for the assembly.





In maths children have been working on time. The children have been learning about half past, quarter past and quarter to. Some children really impressed me by learning how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals.

As children will soon be in year 2 (Where has this year gone?) they will need to start practising their times tables starting with their 2x, 5x and 10x. To help your children I have provided a times table sheet to  practise with. Please could you help your children learn their 2x tables for a multiplication test next week.

**Just a reminder to all parents that the seaside trip is on Thursday 12th July. P lease refer to the letter that has been given to your child for information about the day.**


W/C 25/06/12

What an eventful week at St Josephs school! As you know we had sports day on thursday where the children participated in a race and an obstacle course. Well done again to all the children and thank you to everyone who came and supported them on the day.


In literacy the children have been continuing their work on rhyming poems. They wrote poems about ‘purple monsters’ doing all sorts of silly things. They also wrote a rhyming poem about growing up with the title ‘When I was one…’

Have a look at our Caribbean counting rhyme display below!


In numeracy year 1 have been learning about measuring. The children used different units to measure objects such as cubes, paperclips and even their hands and feet. We later moved on to using a ruler and measuring using centimetres.

W/C 18/06/12

In literacy the children have been continuing their work on pattern and rhyme. We listened to and then performed a poem called the Caribbean counting rhyme. Each group used instruments to follow the pattern and rhythm of the poem.  We also created our own Caribbean rhymes by changing the rhyming words in poem.





In numeracy the children have been practising using money and giving change. They used their subtraction skills to work out the amount of change they should give back a customer at a shop.

In RE the children have started their new topic called ‘Difference’. The children thought about themselves and what makes them special people.


W/C 11/06/12

In literacy the children have started a new topic this week called ‘pattern and rhyme’. The children sang different nursery rhymes and thought of their own rhyming words.

We have finished our RE topic this week on ‘Building bridges’. The children acted out a story called ‘helping others first’. They thought about how we should put other peoples needs before our own.

In humanities children have started their new topic ‘Seaside holidays from the past’. We looked at different seaside artefacts from the past and compared them to what our seaside is like today. 




Remember that the phonics screening test starts next week so please keep practising the sounds with the children! Thank you again for all the support you give your children at home.

W/C 28/05/12

Once again it has been a very exciting week in year 1! In literacy the children wrote their very own summer poems using describing words and some children even used similies! Here is an example of one of our excellent poems written by Karol:

Summer Holiday

Can you hear the children?

Yes they are jumping and singing on the beautiful grass.

They are happy.


Can you smell the flowers?

Flowers are everywhere and colourful.

The bees like them too.


Can you taste the burgers?

The burgers steaming and very hot.

And they are delicious and smoky.


Can you see the sea?

The sea is smashing on the rocks.

It is very cold and swashing.



As you know it was our Jubilee fun day on Thursday and the children were very excited for the activities organised by our wonderful PTA.

 In honour of our Queen year 1 and 2 children took part in a ‘Britain’s got talent’ show. There was some excellent singers, dancers and even comedians on the day.

As you can see the queen even came to watch some our performances!

I would also like thank all of the parents that attended the meeting on Wednesday regarding the phonics screening check. Please keep revising the sounds that we teach the children in class and make sure the children are completing their new phonics books.  It is also important you read with your children frequently and highlight any sounds you see in the book.

As you may well know, the phonics screening test will involve children reading a list of real words and nonsense words (words that are not real but can be sounded out). You can use the following website for games to help children get used to reading nonsense words-


If you are unsure of the pronunciation of the sounds you can also watch a video on this link- 

W/C 23/05/12

The children have started a poetry unit this week in literacy called ‘Using the senses’. We looked at the poem ‘wind ways’ and thought about how the wind sounded, looked and felt like. Children also perfomed the poem in groups and created some actions to the words.


In maths the children finished their topic of 3D shapes. They also learnt about symmetrical pictures and patterns.

Some children used peg boards to create symmetrical patterns.

Some children painted  patterns onto paper then folded the paper in half to create a symmetrical picture.

 We also had alot of fun in PE this week using the parachute! Our topic in science is pushes and pulls so we talked about how the parachute moved, and what happened to it when we pushed and pulled it down. We also played ‘fruit salad’ and made a gigantic tent!



W/C 14/05/12

The children have completed their non fiction topic in literacy this week. They created an information page about their group animal using the facts they gathered in their research lesson. They also used ICT to design and print some fantastic front covers  to go with their information!

In maths we are learning about 3D shapes and their properties. The homework this week allows the children to recognise different 3D shapes in their everyday lives.

In RE we have started our new topic on ‘Building bridges’. This was the theme of our prayer service, which as you know the children peformed on Thursday.  I am very proud of all the children in year 1 who did a fantastic job in the service! Thank you for all the parents who came too!

The whole school were very excited for our french day on friday! The children in year 1 were involved in a number of fun french activities:

They all learnt french words for foods and created a menu.


They created dances to the famous french song ‘Frere Jacques’.


All the children  took part in a challenge to see who could build the tallest and strongest Eiffel tower!




W/C 07/05/12

In literacy this week the children have been continuing their work on information books. They were split into  groups to research different animals. They all thought of different questions that they wanted to find out about these animals which they will be researching next week.

As you may be aware there will be a year 1 phonics screening in a few weeks time.  It is very important that you keep practising the phase 3 and 5 sounds with your children and use these to build words and sentences.

In RE the children are coming to the end of their ‘Holidays and Holydays’ topic. This week the children pretended to be one of Jesus’ disciples. They wrote about how they felt when Jesus came back to them but then returned back to heaven.

Our Holidays and Holydays display

In Numeracy we are practising counting in 2s. The children were exploring number patterns  and filling in the missing numbers. Some of the children went on a ‘counting in 2’s’ number walk where they saw  and drew different number of objects around the school.

The Olympic mascot display is finally complete! The children should be very proud on themselves. They have worked very hard and have done a fantastic job!

Finally, the children have started rehearsing for their prayer service this week which they will perform Thursday 17th May at 3.00pm. Please ensure that your children practise their words and the songs that were sent out this week. I am sure they will all do brilliantly!

W/C 30/04/12

What an exciting week in year 1! It’s great to be back in the classroom, thank you for all the support from parents and children and your generous gift!

This week children have started their new topic in literacy all about non fiction. The children have started off by looking at a range of information books and identifying the different features.

We have also been working very hard on our special Olympic display.  Year 1’s theme focuses on ‘Olympic mascots’ . All the children designed their own mascot thinking about what a mascot would need to win certain Olympic games.

The finished photo of display will be posted next week.

Year 1 also took part in a fantastic music lesson where they performed some drumming. The children had great fun learning how to drum the syllables in their name. Have a look at some of the photo’s below of the children’s exciting music lesson!

W/C 12/03/12

In RE lessons children have been learning about the Easter story and how Jesus was a giving person. We learnt that Jesus gave up his life by dying on the cross. All the children wrote some lovely prayers to thank Jesus for his sacrifice.


In science we are in week 2 of our bean diaries. All the children in year 1 have been delighted with how fast our bean plants have grown! The children have been using rulers to measure the plants and some have already grown 2 cm tall. Who knows? We may have a giant living at the top of them soon if we’re not careful!

W/C 12/03/12

In Literacy the children  have been planning their own fantasy settings and  characters. We have had many brilliant ideas such as ‘Lava Land’ and ‘Rainbow World’! The children will use these fantastic ideas to write their stories next week.

We learnt about ‘sharing’ in numeracy. The children practised sharing sweets, animals and money between different groups. On Friday the children tested different numbers to see if they could be shared ‘equally’.

The pupils continued their work of growing plants in science. We did a cress experiment to find out what plants need to grow well. Have a look at our growing plants display below.

In Art, we explored the famous painting ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh. The children created some lovely observational drawings of the painting. Well done!

It was cultural week this week and Year 1’s country was France. The children really enjoyed learning more about our nearest European neighbours!

W/C 05/03/12

There’s been lots happening in year one again this week. We have all been extremely excited with the new arrival of our  baby chicks! The children all had the chance to hold one of our fluffy friends and give them a little cuddle.

In science the children continued their learning in the ‘growing plants’ topic. All the children planted a bean seed of their own and created a ‘bean diary’. We are hoping that with a lot of love and care the bean shoots should be making an appearance next week.

In humanities we have started a new topic called ‘where in the world is Barnaby bear?’. In this topic children will be learning about different places in the world and what they are like. This week the children created postcards where they wrote about a place they have been to in the country or the world.

W/C 27/02/12

What an exciting week year one have had!

In RE we have been continuing our topic of ‘self giving’. The children all thought of somebody in their lives who were very giving and wrote about these special people.

In literacy the children explored the story of the ‘Man on the moon’ further. The children thought of lots questions they wanted to ask Bob about his job as a spaceman.  We learned how to use question marks at the end of our writing! After this the children interviewed eachother in the role of Bob using some particularly funny voices.

This weeks most exciting event was ofcourse was our trip to the toy museum in Bethnal Green! Both children and the staff had a wonderful day out and learnt alot from the visit. We saw lots of old toys from different times in the past. The children were amazed to see many of the toys we discussed  in our history lessons such as the ‘ball and cup’ and the ‘spinning top’.

Have a look at our photos of our amazing day!

W/C 20/02/12

Welcome back from half term everyone!

Year 1 have started their new topic of fantasy settings in literacy this week. We have thinking about all sorts of fantasy creatures such as goblins, aliens, zombies and ghosts! The children read the story ‘man on the moon’ by Simon Bartram and story mapped the life of Bob!

In numeracy the children were using number squares to add 2 more and 10 more to numbers. They have also been working really hard in their time lessons with Mrs Michaelides.

In science we started a new topic in growing plants. In the children’s first lesson they learnt about the main parts of a flowering plant, and wrote about their functions. Have a look at the Powerpoint as it may be helpful in completing the children’s homework.

Powerpoint- parts of a flower

In RE we have started our topic on ‘Self Giving’ . The children looked at ways they can be closer to God by giving something up or helping someone during lent. You will be glad to know many of your children have vowed to give up television and sweets!

As you know we will be going to the toy museum in Bethnal Green on Tuesday 28th February. The children are all very excited for the day and to see lot’s of the toys we have learnt about in history lessons. Have a look at the website next week for some photos of the trip.

 Year 1 have been very busy again this week. We have been learning lots  and having fun at the same time!

The children have been working hard creating a fantastic display. We read the story ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson and the children came up with some excellent rhyming poems.

Some of the children say the witch bears some resemblance to the year 1 teacher.

In literacy we are continuing our work on Traditional tales. The children have been reading the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven dwarfs’. This week we have planned our own traditional stories and created some new and exciting characters.

The children acting out the story of Snow White

In Numeracy we continued our work on weight and capacity. The children have also been learning to tell the time. Look out next week for our new display ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’.

We are finishing our RE topic of Celebrations. The children learnt about the celebration of mass and role played the story of ‘A sunday celebration’.

 In humanities the children are learning about old and new toys. We explored how toys have changed over the years. Thank you for all the toys the children brought in as part of this topic.