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DSC08912The New National Curriculum Is Here!!

And it is something that we are thrilled about at St. Joseph’s and are

As a school we have been busy preparing for the implementation of the new National Curriculum for some time and have carefully considered the changes and the impact that it  will have upon our school. We have thoroughly analysed/improved our curriculum and are confident that the structure that we have adopted will have an extremely positive impact on our children’s learing as we prepare them for the next stage of their education journey, and ultimately, the 21st century workplace.

Our Curriculum At St. Joseph’s From September 2014

Why The Change?

  • A government decision

  • An out-dated curriculum

  • The future for our children

  • Social climate

  • Expectations

Our Aims

To develop a curriculum which:

  • inspires

  • is filled with rich first hand experiences

  • is broad ,balanced and has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills

  • embeds sustainable learning behaviours

  • is underpinned by aims, values and purpose

  • develops the whole person-knowledge ,skills, understanding and attitude

  • meets individual needs

  • promotes community cohesion

What Our Curriculum Will Look Like

  • A topic-based curriculum

  • Teaching ‘learning skills’ – building children’s Learning Power so that they can apply it to life

  • Topics covered every 5, 6, 7 weeks (dependent on term and topic)

  • A richer more engaging curriculum

  • Topic afternoons/Literacy and Mathematics in the morning

  • Rigour and structure with well planned lessons embracing the topic

  • Mathematics/Timestables/Mental Maths

  • Literacy/Creative Writing/ Spellings/Grammar

  • RE

  • Homework

  • Topic = Geography, History, PE, Music, Computing, Science, Art, DT

  • Assessments – Pupil Progress Meetings every 6 weeks

  • A Topic Book – no separate books for Foundation Subjects

  • Progression between year groups

  • Coverage of set programmes of study from the National Curriculum

  • Fun

  • Exciting

  • Engaging


  • The most important underlying principle of a curriculum is to help children learn. We believe that a successful curriculum is brought to life by high quality teaching, inspirational learning activities and opportunities to listen and plan for the developing interests and motivations of children.

  • That is why the Cornerstones Primary Curriculum is built upon a four stage teaching and learning philosophy.

  • The Four Cornerstones:    ENGAGE   –   DEVELOP   –   INNOVATE   –   EXPRESS

Curriculum Topics

Year 1

Year 2

Bright Lights,Big City


Dinosaur Planet

Beat Band Boogie

Memory Box


Paws, Claws, Whiskers

Land Ahoy

Rio de Vida

Much Mess And Mixtures

Splendid Skies

Street Detectives


The Scented Garden

Moon Zoom

Towers, Turrets, Turrels

Enchanted Woodland

Wiggle And Crawl

Year 3

Year 4



Gods & Mortals

Blue Abyss

Heros & Villans

Burps, Bottoms, Bile

Mighty Metals

I Am A Warrior


Misty Mountain Sierra





Tribal Tales

Road Trip USA

Urban Pioneers

Traders & Raiders

Year 5

Year 6

Alchemy Island

A Child’s War


Blood Heart

Beast Creator

Darwin’s Delight

Off With Her Head

Frozen Kingdom

Peasants, Princes, Pestilence

Gallery Rebels


Hola Mexico

Scream Machine




Time Traveller

Tomorrow’s World

Progress/Coverage And Progression

  • Progress is still a high priority

  • Assessments of topics and all Core Subjects

  • Progression planning

  • Provision mapping

  • Intervention

  • Inclusion groups

  • Targets

  • Planning

  • Planning for coverage and progression


  • Understanding the changes

  • Encouraging learning as always

  • Using the suggested homework tasks to explore the topic

  • Share ideas /skills/links with staff to enhance your child’s topic or others

  • Share their learning experience

What Can You Expect?

Topic sheets at the start of each topic – helping you to understand what the topic entails.

Suggested homework task sheet – choose 2/3 of these (more if you can/want to) these will then be shared by the children in any format at the end of the topic.

Trips/visits – we will be planning these for each topic in advance – taking into consideration costs. The cost will obviously be limited as many places /experiences can be accessed easily and at no cost.

Parent help and support as some activities will be more hands on.

One topic book – in there the subjects covered will be coded on the task slip or learning objective sticker (see below).

What Will Remain?

  • Literacy/Mathematics Homework

  • Spelling (‘Big Spelling’)

  • Mental Maths/Timestables

  • Expectation

  • Reading

  • Guided Reading

  • Reports

  • Assessment

  • Parents Consultations

  • Excellent progress

  • Inclusion and intervention for varyng learning needs

Subject Codes

Within planning and books you will see the following codes. This helps us and you ensure that all foundation subjects are covered under the topic.

English Speaking and Listening English Writing English Comprehension Computing English Handwriting Mathematics Art Design
Hi La Mu PE Sc DT Ge
History Languages Music Physical Education Science Design Technology Geography

Useful Websites For Further Information

An overview of the changes and the thinking behind it (many good links within).

Reforming assessment – Governments thinking behind the removal of levels and the continuing expectation of rigour .

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