At St. Joseph’s, we are proud to be part of CHEXS.

Through our involvement with CHEXS we are able to access a wide variety of courses/initiatives in the local community and beyond which we would otherwise find difficult to source/afford.

CHEXS is a charitable group that works closely with statutory, voluntary and community settings including primary, secondary and special schools, children’s centre’s, Hertfordshire County Council, housing associations, CVS and residents associations.  They have also forged support and in depth partnerships with corporate companies including Sainsbury’s and Ayletts Nursery.  These collaborative networks enable CHEXS to support community projects through complimenting and delivering key services in fitting with the core values shown below for the good of the community.

Services provided include parenting support, integrated practice for children and young people ensuring early intervention, adult and family learning platforms, enrichment programmes for children and young people to develop key skills linked to attainment, achievement and personal development and support local community groups to meet their specific needs and requirements.  CHEXS works holistically aiming to meet the needs of all within our area.

As stated earlier, click on the link below to visit the CHEXS website and find out more about the vast range of support that they have to offer to all members of our community.

Many thanks to Pete, Julie and Kerry (and Jo!) and the rest of the CHEXS ‘team’ for their hard work and support…your work is truly valued and appreciated by all at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School!!

To find out more about the wonderful work that CHEXS does supporting all members of our school/local community, click on the link below…you’ll be glad you did!

Click on the link below to see St. Joseph’s participating in the Farmers Market at Cedars Park in July 2014 in which we won ‘Best Potatoes’ and came 3rd overall!!