Hello from Kingswood!

A Thursday morning update after my visit yesterday evening to see them all. Even though I was only there for about 2 and 1/2 hours it really was time well spent on the M20! I arrived to Lazer and fencing before learning a song and a circle game(which has now stuck in my head!!!)

They really are having a wonderful time together .They are tired but still full of energy, as a result of them bursting with energy and excitement  many have hoarse voices  and some very croaky singing!

I left after dinner ,which was Italian themed with lasagne and chicken pasta on the menu with ice cream to follow .They were then going onto scrap heap challenge and what seems to be the nightly hair dressing salon as Mrs Jess is now the class hairdresser with plaits everywhere!

Today I know they will be excited as they finally get to try the long awaited 3G Swing!!!!!!

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