Black History Week Celebrations

This week St Joseph’s immersed themselves into Black History Week by attending the African Mask making and Drumming Workshop.
Reception and Key Stage 1 decorated their own African masks. They were taught where African masks came from and the importance of the colours they were using.
Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to learn and play an African beat using African drums. At the end of the day Key Stage 2 got to show case what they had learnt to other classes.
As for the rest of the week classes have been very busy!
Nursery: have been reading Handa’s Surprise and have been making a delicious fruit salad with tasty exotic fruits.
Reception: have been learning about Martin Luther King and have been telling everyone what their dreams are.
Year 1: have been reading the book ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’. The children learnt about how slavery existed and how Henry managed to free himself by mailing himself in a box. Children have written postcards pretending to be Henry and they have drawn and written what they would put in their ‘freedom box.’
Year 2:have been looking at various famous people such as Martin Luther King and Jessie Owens. Writing fact files and their dreams.
Year 3: have been covering Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Reading and answering questions about their lives and what ethey have had.
Year 4: have been looking at pop art of black influential people. They have learnt about the importance and effect people such as Rosa Parks, Michael Johnson, Mary Seacole and Martin Luther King.
Year 5: have been learning about Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. They have retold their stories as a diary.
What a fun packed week it has been and children’s learning has been enriched by learning about such famous people that have had such a cultural and influential effect on our lives.


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