Autumn Term 1 – Week 6 (Kingswood residential)

Monday afternoon we arrived at Kingswood and our first activity after lunch was zipwire. All children had an amazing time despite the weather. Even though the height was a little daunting, everyone took part including myself. The evening was spent relaxing during movie night.

Tuesday morning we started the day with archery and luckily the weather was better. I was very pleased that I managed to hit the target but I think the children were better than I was. Next they worked on team building skills during buggy building, where the children were faced with difficulties to overcome together and persevere to build a buggy with given equipment. After lunch we continued with the theme of team work through problem solving activities. They had to use communication, critical thinking and reasoning to work together as a team to solve the problems. Our next activity was Jacobs ladder where they had to work together as a pair to climb as high as they could. We were having so much fun until I was high in the sky with my partner and the heaven’s came down (thankfully we all got dried in time for dinner). After dinner, they all enjoyed the mini Olympics activities.

Wednesday morning our first activity was aeroball. The children had to score points by shooting in hoops within a trampoline. Next was bushcraft tool skills activity where the children got to make a tent peg or a fish hook. After lunch the children took part in an exciting game of laser. We had to work as a team to protect each other. It certainly got us thinking about working together in order to survive the game. Next was fencing where the children learnt a new skill. After dinner the children took part in scrapheap challenge where they had to make something that would protect a water balloon falling from a height using cardboard and tape. To finish the evening, the children read their letters from home and wrote their letter back home.

Thursday morning we started off with nightline where the children learnt to trust each other through team work and communication. By the end of the activity the children were a little muddy to say the least. After we did bushcraft shelter building where the children were busy exploring the outdoors to make a shelter. After lunch the children had independence with orienteering, having to work together to find clues. Then was the one everybody was waiting for…. 3G swing! And all I can say it was worth the wait. Everyone loved it and was the favourite activity so far. Our final night at Kingswood was ended with a campfire.

Final day and first activity was the leap of faith. Everyone was so brave and supportive of each other. They made it look so easy but it was definitely harder than it looked. Our final activity for the week was the obstacle challenge. The children had to tackle different challenging obstacles and unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great. After lunch the children were tired and ready to come back to school after an exciting and adventurous week at Kingswood.


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