Year 3, Summer 2, Week 6

Another busy week draws to a close and we’re nearly at the end of the term and, incredibly, the year!

This week has been assessment week but in between assessments, we’ve packed in a few other things.  The children have continued painting their Greek vases and some are more or less finished.  Photos to follow when they’re all complete.  They’ve drawn self-portraits for their memory books this week, experimenting with a couple of different styles.

Wednesday was, of course, Sports Day and proved to be a busy and enjoyable afternoon with all the children participating in every activity with great enthusiasm.

Friday was French Day.  We learned about France and why they celebrate Bastille Day – we  especially enjoyed acting out the storming of the Bastille.

We also had great fun playing Simon Says in French and practising our French throughout the day by answering the register and choosing dinners in French, as well as using French for the sign of the cross in our prayers.

The children really enjoyed the breaktime picnic of chocolate milk and croissants on the playground.  In the afternoon, they had great fun and showed great teamwork as they tried to recreate the Eiffel Tower from spaghetti and marshmallows.  Mrs Pisaturo came in to judge and was very impressed with everyone’s efforts.

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