Year 3, Summer 2, Week 5

The weeks really are flying by and the summer weather has certainly arrived!  Let’s hope that it lasts.

Maths this week has seen us finishing off our work on using the four operations for worded problems and we have moved on to decimals, looking at tenths as a fraction and as a decimal fraction.  We had a go at measuring parts of the classroom with strips of paper and dividing the strips into tenths.

In English we completed writing our myths and have started working on recounts, tracing the journey of a boat down the river and therefore the journey of a river.  So far children have drawn story maps and decided the main events, trying to use the correct terminology.

As you know, today was Aspirations Day and what a lot of interesting aspirations we have in our class.  We had, amongst others, teachers, pilots, a firefighter, an inventor, medics and a fashion designer.  We’ve been treated to some really interesting and inspiring talks from Premier Sports, Chexs, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance and the Fire Service.  The children listened really well and asked sensible, pertinent questions.  Some of them even got a look at the fire engine.  And one lucky person (me) got to dress as a firefighter.  This afternoon, some of children had a go at teaching.  Miss Cardmel was a great success in Year 1; in Year 3, Mr Jerron put the class through their paces with some times tables, spellings and games.  Meanwhile, three of our teachers went to work in Reception class.  Then the children wrote interview questions and panels interviewed children for their chosen jobs.

Another busy week next week and don’t forget Sports Day on Wednesday afternoon!

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