What do you aspire to be?

Another busy week! Time is flying by to quickly.

English: We have been looking at suffixes. We have been adding ‘er’, ‘ing’,’ed’ and ‘est’ to root words and putting them into sentences. We also wrote about what we aspire to be when we are all grown up.

Maths: We have been halving and quartering shapes and amounts up to 20.

Science: We have been looking at plants and labelling them.

R.E.: We have started our new topic ‘Neighbours’. We have been learning about who are neighbours are.

Art: We have been drawing self-portraits of ourselves, looking closely at our features.

Today we have had a treat! We had Lea Noemi Orodio (Iva’s mummy) come and speak to us about her profession as a Theatre Nurse. The children got to listen to their heartbeats and take their own temperature.

We also had visitors from the  Dance works Academy, air ambulance, police force and fire fighters. Oh and we must not forget our teacher Miss Cardmel.

A truly fun packed week. Enjoy the sunshine.

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