Year 5 transform their plot…

IN the first week back the children started the beautiful story ‘Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo during guided reading. The topic of corporal punishment came up and it was interesting to hear their responses to how teachers and parents would treat children in the early 1900s! What a relief it is no longer like that.

In science this week we started looking at how other plants that do not produce seeds reproduce. Plants can reproduce using stem cuttings, bulbs and tubers. Ask your child about the humble potato and how it grows new potatoes.

In our own garden we began the journey of turning the soil, ready to dazzle with our very own year 5 allotment. Here are some pictures:


Next week we will be revisiting division with remainders and applying multiplication to increasingly complex word problems. In English we will be completing our news reports about the incident at the lighthouse. Don’t forget Dragon’s Apprentice on Monday morning, district sports on Wednesday afternoon and Kayak Olympics on Thursday afternoon so if you have any questions about our eventful week ahead message.

Finally, a huge welcome to Giada and Dominic. How well you have picked up our routine and settled into our class and I hope you two continue to be good role models.

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