Year 3, Summer 2, Week 1

Back in after our week off in which the last of this year’s First Communions took place.  Some children have brought in photographs to show the class, which has been absolutely lovely.

In English this week, we have concentrated on poetry, comparing two pieces of free verse.  We examined the style of each poem and talked about what we liked about each before having a go at writing our own poems based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright.  The children came up with some great ideas including lots of lovely alliteration.

Maths has been very challenging this week as we have been learning about long division.  We’ve used base 10 to help us as we’ve been working on 2-digit numbers divided by a 1-digit number, first with no regrouping, then with regrouping a ten into ones.  All the children have worked extremely hard and persevered with this, even when they found it quite difficult.

Pentecost this weekend marks the end of Easter and is also the end of our RE topic of Energy.  We are now starting our new topic of Choices, which will be looking at the consequences of choices as well as reconciliation.

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