The term of fitness!

Today we launched our new initiative for summer fitness – this includes not only the children, but the staff too!   Our challenge is to become fitter, stronger and healthier than we are at the moment.

Your child(ren) will receive their fitness log(s) tomorrow.  Please help them to complete it to log all the physical activities they take part in during the week.

Please see the list of suggestions for daily exercises below:

Strength training:

Jumping jacks (like star jumps) x10. 

Lunges x10.

Elbow to knee x10.

Arm circles forwards x10.  (Keep arms at shoulder height and draw small circles with an imaginary pen.)

Side stretches x10.

Spotty dogs x10. 

Squats x10.

Torso twists x10.

Star jumps (proper ones) x10.

Arm circles backwards x10.

We would encourage everyone to complete some or all of these exercises daily – maybe both before and after school!  If you complete 10 easily then try doing 15.  Build up gradually – you can do more harm than good if you try to do too much too soon.

Remember to note it on your fitness log if you complete these strength training exercises.

After you have worked hard it is important to cool down.  Here are some suggestions for stretching exercises to perform afterwards to minimize muscle stiffness:

Cool down exercises:

Arm stretches:

  • One arm behind head.
  • Join hands and push up and back.
  • Push arm across body.
  • Join hands behind to stretch chest.

Leg stretches:

  • Stand on one leg and pull the other foot towards your bottom.
  • Stand with legs apart, reach one hand towards the opposite foot and keep switching over.

Crouch and straighten legs, keeping hands on the floor (or holding your ankles).  Hold for 5, relax and then repeat.

Rub and massage your muscles gently.

Important things to remember:

  • Always drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Do not over-do it at first.  It takes time to build up fitness and you can do harm instead of good if you do too much too soon. 
  • Start gently and build up slowly.
  • If you do these exercises every day and walk, cycle or run (and any other activities) whenever you can, you’ll become fitter.
  • Always cool down afterwards. 
  • Exercising is good for both physical and mental well-being.

Return completed fitness logs to the box on the piano.  Please make sure names are on them.

Good luck everyone and happy exercising.

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