Summer finally arrives in Year 5

In class this week the children have been learning about regular and irregular shapes. Here are some fabulous posters the children created with words to describe as many geometric shapes as they possibly can. On Friday the children had a challenge to complete end of Year 6 SATS questions on shapes and they should be really proud of themselves., regardless of how many they got correct. Here are some pictures.

In English this week we have been thinking about developing main characters through their thoughts and feelings. We focused on the story of a boy who had SCID – an immune disease which trapped him in a ‘bubble’. Ask your child how they felt about this character.

In Science this week the children were shocked and super inquisitive to discover the various ways some insects reproduce! They were particularly interested in the Preying Mantis and you should ask them why!

On Thursday we had the express pleasure of travelling to and partaking in a fantastic Drama Day in St. Mary’s. It was so magical and Year 5 even blew the unshakeable Miss Gill away. A great day all around and the teachers had just as much fun as the children! Photos to follow.


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