Summer 2 Week 1

English: In English this week we have been continuing with our setting descriptions for a Dream Giver. When we have completed them I will post a variety on the website for you all to read! I am so proud of all the children and what they have created! IT’S FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to read the final product!

Maths: This week we have been looking at the time. We have been converting between analogue and digital, time word problems with 24-hour time and converting, converting between hours, minutes and seconds. Next week we are moving on looking at discrete data and negative numbers.

Science: We have been looking at vertebrates and invertebrates. We have been classifying different types of animals. Next week we are going to start States of Matter.
PSHE: This week we have been learning about loosing something we love and what we should do with our emotions.

French: In French, we have started learning about how to ask how you are (ca va?) and then answering. Next week we are looking at colours and number to 10.

Music: This week we had a special guest. We had a lady who came taught us a few song from different countries which we will be performing with other school on Wednesday. See the photos below.

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