Last but one Residential update

Good morning,

This morning I can write an update from first hand experience after spending a lovely if not extremely windy afternoon with the children yesterday.They really are having an amazing time and all are really enjoying.Their days are extremely busy which means very tired children but all of them have a healthy glow ,strikes of dirt and not so neat hair but all is apart of residential life. I have to say that you have very tidy children as ALL rooms ,with no exception really were very tidy.It does help with regular room inspections but I have to say there were none that I couldn’t or wouldn’t enter.Food is aplenty with lots of choice which everyone is enjoying.

Today’s activities include;

Zip wire and fencing this morning ,followed by High Equilibrium activities ,leap of faith and of course the eagerly awaited disco.I know the disco is the one that the staff really can’t wait for! Final update to follow tomorrow from me and then travel and arrival parent mails from the office staff.

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