As we approach our final half term we celebrate a few events from Summer 1 and look forward to some extremely busy but exciting weeks ahead.

Flower Show

We celebrated our annual flower show before the holidays with some very special judges. Not only were some of our Governors present to judge but two of our local councillors.A fantastic afternoon was enjoyed by all especially the winners Reception. Well done to every class for their lovely Wheelbarrow which will just get better and better. The theme this year was our class books. Thank you for the beautiful singing from the choir and of course the presence of the ice cream van helped everyone smile (even me!)


Dragon’s Apprentice

Year 5 Dragon’s have been busily planning their project with the fundraising taking place, Bring & buy sale,Penalty shoot out, bake off and cake sale and soak Mr Gallagher. All events were very successful with £180.00 being raised for Four Swannes Vision. The final Presentation will be delivered on Monday to the panel.


Football Bake off

Colour run


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