An Extremely busy week in the rain!

To say this week has been a busy one filled with a lot of events is an understatement. As I type we have a group at Lea Valley for Canoeing and Reception out on their Farm trip. So you can imagine this morning was not only filled with their excitement but with the returning district sports stars excitement. 

District Sports

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

District Sports yesterday afternoon was a success.We didn’t come last so the hard work of Mrs Jess,Mr Gallagher and Miss Entwisle in structuring the training and ensuring the children really understood and practised their events really payed off. Next year who knows?First???? As I spoke with the children before they left yesterday I said behaviour first no matter what and that winning would come second.That really was the case as shared by staff yesterday and we have heard the same from some parents today . Our children were a credit to us as a school yesterday and to you as parents so I thank them for really showing how St Joseph’s children are true role models. We didn’t win but the team work and hard work really did pay off as we brought home 16 medals and can proudly say that we are moving more to real success

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Catering Assistant Mrs Casey who celebrated her 80th birthday on Wednesday with a lovely cake, flowers and a special sing a long from our children. 

Celebration of singing 

Another celebration for us as Miss Gunn has been working extremely hard towards us achieving the next step of Arts Mark. Gold is near! In all of her work she has been celebrating with other schools and leaders what we do. As a result of this they wanted to share on this showcase to other schools. We hosted a fantastic event yesterday afternoon with over 200 children singing,dancing and really celebrating the creative arts. 

 Hopefully next week will be filled with lots more photographs as my camera may be working! 

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