Year 5 – Week 4

Hello and welcome to another week of this short half term. Firstly, well done to the Year 6 class for finishing their SATs. I’m proud of you for making it through. On that point can I also say how impressed I was with the Year 5s this week – how silent and respectful you were each morning!

In English we discovered King Dunkin’s body and the crime scene was investigated. We interviewed witnesses including Banquo, Lady Macbeth, the guards and any other informants. We had to decide whether they were giving Macbeth an alibi or if they were telling the truth.

In Geography this week we explored and learnt more about Fairtrade™ and what that means for farmers, as well as how we are affected. We are supportive of Fairtrade™ but realise it is more expensive. How many products in your home have the Fair-trade™ logo on it?

In science we have started to learn about the reproduction of flowering plants. We have dissected the flowers and can name the parts. The children also learned about how the pollination happens.

On Friday we had a marvellous opportunity to embrace cultural diversity on International Celebration Day. The children were dressed to the nines and represented each of their heritage countries beautifully. They even had the opportunity to share a performance and eat some delicious food. We are truly lucky to have the differences we have, that make us individual and special in the eyes of God. Here are some pictures of us celebrating:

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