Year 5 Summer 1 – Week 3

Despite it being another short week, the children have achieved quite a lot. Starting with English, the children had the opportunity to discuss in a ‘conscience alley’ reasons for and against the murder of King Duncan at the hands of Macbeth. Furthermore, we used our discussion writing skills from the week to write the ultimate argument – should school uniforms be abolished. There were mixed reviews!

In maths this week we were finding the best method to use to find out percentages of values e.g. 39% 0f 300. What method would you use? work out 10% then 5% then 1%? Next week we will be applying our new knowledge to two and three step word problems as well as the inverse e.g. Rob and his teammates eat 60 chocolate bars and have 40% left for tomorrow. What amount of chocolate bars did they start with?

In topic this week we explored different types of settlements and land uses in our local area. Have a look at your community 50 years ago! You might have a shock.

Finally, in Science this week we dissected flowers in the name of enquiry. We took some of our favourites and inspected their reproductive parts. We now know about pollination –  insects, wind etc and fertilisation – pollen travelling from the stigma to the ovule. Here are some photos:

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