Year 3, Summer 1, Week 4

No doubt the children have felt that this was a long, hard week as it was the first week this term that had the full five days in it!

In maths, we have worked really hard on division as we were using regrouping when sharing.  I have been impressed with the children’s perseverance as some of them have found this really difficult but hopefully we’ve cracked it now!

English this week has continued to be based on fables and we imagined the thoughts of the main characters as well as writing ‘live’ reports of the food fight scene, using prepositions to help to describe the action.

RE is still focusing on our Energy topic, this week looking at Pentecost.  We imagined how the apostles would have felt at that time and acted out, then wrote what we thought Peter might have said to the crowds after the coming of the Holy Spirit.

We had fun practising our French by introducing each other using “Elle s’appelle” or “Il s’appelle”.

Today the children all entered into International Day with great enthusiasm.  We had fun talking about our different costumes, food and traditions in Year 3 this morning and working out how many different languages we can speak in our class, as well as listening to examples of them all.  We had at least ten different languages spoken this morning.  So impressive, Year 3!

We then had fun with creating flags from around the world, using atlases to look for the information we needed before a fact finding mission to make fact files on eleven different European countries.

This afternoon, we learned about a country that none of our children are from although we all know a toy that comes from there – Denmark is the country we explored and I’m sure you’ve all got plenty of that Danish invention, Lego!  We really enjoyed creating a bit of Danish craft – well done to James, Alex and Leon in particular who finished their hearts successfully then helped other children.

We then had a trip to the hall to taste the delicious food brought in by generous parents.

All in all, a fun and successful day in which we learned a lot about our own and other cultures.


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