Summer 1 Week 4

Our first full week and we didn’t loose a second! Every day was jam packed!

Maths: We have been looking at equivalent fractions this week and representing these on bar models. We were looking at how it is equal and then checking using a fraction wall. Next week we will be doing one more lesson on equivalent fractions. Two lessons on long multiplication when multiplying with one digit and then with two. We will then be going on time for the rest of the week

English: In English this week, we have been looking at what makes a effective setting description. We started off reading the story ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells and deciding what effective and rich vocabulary he uses and how. As a class when then discussed the figurative language and how it is used. We started off writing a setting description but i didn’t tell them what to add. The next day, we read some different descriptions and as a class worked out how we could make them better which was really effective for everyone as they all improved!

Science: This week we were classifying flowers. We discussed the purpose of them and then went on to classifying but we soon realised that we weren’t classifying using scientific language. We were classifying based on colour, long or short, loads of petals etc. We looked at what scientist use to classify flowers and then made our own classification key using this language. An incredibly hard task!

RE: This week in RE we looked at the story of the Ethiopian and how the Holy Spirit gives it courage. All the children wrote letters to the Queen of Ethiopian as Phillip or the Ethiopian explaining the encounter that they had. We also looked at how the Holy Spirit gives courage to not only the people in the bible but us as individuals and those who do difficult jobs.

Topic: We have looked at the water cycle in Topic this week. We now have a much better understanding of how it rains and why. The children have learnt some new vocabulary like: precipitation, condensation and evaporation. Ask the children if they can give you a definition of the word.

International Week: Today we have been celebrating different cultures across the globe. All the children looked fabulous in their cultural clothes or the colour of their flag. We started off with a bit of healthy competition…a classic word search of the different countries. I did not win, well done to Olivia for completing the task the quickest! We then had a visitor, Mr. Alhassan (Jamil’s dad) who cam children which they really enjoyed. He also taught the children a game which then they played all afternoon in break time and lunchtime. (carry on reading below)


















We then went on to learn about some of the mountains that are around in the world and studied Mount Everest. We looked at the two men who were the first people to climb Mount Everest. The children really enjoyed it as they wrote some fantastic diary entries as if they where climbing Mount Everest including all the emotions, equipment, safety aspects and explained what happened at each stage of the mountain climbing.

We ended the day looking at China and created our own Chinese Lanterns. We also had an extra special treat in the hall, eating different cultures food. Safe to say the children certainly enjoyed this part of the day!

Well done year 4! This week has been hard but you have certainly done your selves proud!

Well done to Lottie who is the writer of the week.

Well done to Jamil and Steve for stars of the week!

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