Summer 1 Week 3

Another 4 day week where we have had to squeeze 5 days worth of work in… and it wasn’t a surprise that Year 4 were up to the challenge and were really successful!

Maths this week, we have continued looking at fractions of amounts. Year 4 have been tackling words problems to do with fractions and then working out the quantity of either the given number, missing number or the answer. Sounds confusing but every one has done really well! Next week we are continuing with Fractions, ordering and amounts.

In English we have come to the end of play script writing. In our last days we have looked at poems with little dialogue and then the children had the challenge to change it into a play script which was really hard as they had to expand on the poem that they already had. The children then watched clip of the Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. We took one scene and then developed the story into our own ending. We then turned them into our own play script. Next week we are going to be acting out and creating props for our play scripts and start looking at setting description.

We have been learning about Classification of leaves this week and we’ve had an extra special lesson which was in the Forest School with Mrs Smith. We looked at the different types of leaves and how we can classify them. The children learnt some new terminology which I am expecting the children to start using across this topic.

We have fully started our Topic this week, and we have started off by understanding how the Water Cycle works. Next week, we will be learning about the two famous men who reached the top of Mount Everest.

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