All Hail Year 5…

‘All hail Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor…’

As we delve deeper into the mind of Macbeth, we discover the twisted mind of his wife – Lady Macbeth. Does she have the power over him? This week we will be exploring Macbeth fulfilling more of the prophecy. We will be writing a debate in English so get your arguments ready.

In Topic last week we started discovering the pros and cons of the world of farming, namely organic vs non-organic and which is better. The children wrote some fantastic balanced arguments but overall organic won. What do you think?

In maths this week we are further solving percentage problems and conversions including percentages of numbers other than 100 and how to work that out. Which is more 85% of 500 or 50% of 820?

This week coming the children will be taught about smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in their PSHCE lesson and will be handled with sensitivity and age appropriate content. Please be aware if they do ask questions about this topic, at home.

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