Year 5: Summer week 1

After a long and deserved break, the children have dived straight back into work with our new English study text: Macbeth. The tale is grizzly and tragic. The children planned and produced great writing this week based on the first part of the Story. Mr Shakespeare would be delighted. Ask your child to try their best Scottish accent, if you dare!

In Maths this week we were focusing on area of irregular shapes as well as the area of simple rectangles. Next week we will be turning our focuses to  volume and capacity.

In R.E. this week, we visited our lovely chapel and acted out and discussed the different transformations we have in our lives. Here are some photos:

We reminded ourselves what it means to be a true British citizen. Decidedly we felt that although British be nationality, we are also proud of our mixed heritage that adds to us being the wonderful people we are. Here are some photographs of the children exploring the maps and country of their heritage:

During our exciting topic launch, one of the games we played was guessing the fruit/vegetable blindfolded. The children were allowed to touch, smell but not see or taste. Most guessed correctly but there were a few red-herrings including wet baked beans and Michael E’s head. Here are some photographs:

Some thoughts for next week: Please remember to send your child with plimsolls and trainers everyday. Homework has gone out please check when the due date is. Swimming starts on Tuesday.

Thank you for a focused and great first week of the Summer term, long may it continue and God bless you all.

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