WOW! What a week!!!!

Our first week back has been an extremely busy one! We have celebrated Science week all week with work shops , extra lessons and lots of exciting investigations. Each class had the opportunity of attending one workshop which resulted in much excitement and excellent scientific discussions. Fun Science seemed to be the word of the week. 

Thank you to those parents who are now science experts after supporting us throughout the week in so many of the workshops. Without you it really wouldn’t have been as successful. More hands etc!!!!

These are just some of our pupil voice responses about science week 


Science in Action

The Final day!

Science week wasn’t the only amazing part of this week. Mrs O’Connor has had a very interesting week! Not only am I today celebrating St David’s day (Dydd Dewi Sant Hwyl Hapus pawb!!!!) with plenty of welsh cakes (homemade of course) to share with staff and parents (sorry only those who attended the spelling workshop!) but this week I had one of my fears confronted (choice or no choice ,you decide) when Frank arrived in school.

Frank is a Therapy dog who came to visit this week (he was invited) to discuss how  St Joseph’s can move onto more engaging and powerful wellbeing activities to support our children. Frank will be visiting our school weekly after Easter to support some more children.

Hello Frank!


Frank is very big ,but he was very friendly and even if I did have to take a very deep   breath , I did sit in the same room as Frank for 30 minutes and I was smiling. Who knows in the future, after a few more visits if I will end up taking Frank on a walk through the playground (or will he take me!)

See you after Easter Frank!

Afternoon tea!

More visits! This time it was Chaplaincy Team’s monthly visit to serve tea (and sing) to the Parish over 60’s group. Every month it is the highlight of ours and their calendar as we serve tea, eat biscuits,sing and chat for an hour. The sun was shining and the aprons were on for what was another community filled event. 


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