Spring 2 week 3

RE- this week we started our new Lenten topic- ‘Death and New Life’, where we watched Disney’s up and wrote some wonderful letters or thoughts as Carl after he loses his beloved Ellie.

English- We are still in highwayman mode, this week was all news related as we wrote newspaper reports about the two murders.

Maths- we finished our fraction unit and have now begun looking at ratio. If Martha eats 2 apples for every 5 bananas, what is the ratio? How many apples has she eaten if she has eaten 35 bananas?

Topic- we looked at the Inuits and how they adapt and survive in one of the coldest habitable areas in the world.

It was also a pleasure to see you all at parent’s evening last night, they have pushed and progressed lots this year and it was a wonderful opportunities to give them the praise they deserve.

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs O.

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