Busier than usual!

Well what more can I really say about this week apart from it being an exceptionally busy week. With the Celebration of World Book week with the culmination of two amazing events towards this.Not only did we have our amazing dress up day on Thursday(the costumes just get better and better so THANK YOU to staff, parents and children) but today we had the most amazing assembly. WOW year 4 you really did pull it off. The message of reading being a gift and your love of books really shone through. We have had visitors and just a few more visitors and in the middle was our special focus on the start of Lent and our Ash Wednesday service. It is weeks like this that really show us celebrating our love for learning. 

Let us focus on Lent

Mini Police Awards

Over the last 8 weeks the Year 5 children have had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside local community and police officers, who showed them what it truly means to be a caring, peaceful and aware citizen. From how to cross the road safely to identifying drugs and anti-social behaviour, Year 5 have had the chance to experience how these things affect the local community and ultimately the wider world. We had the opportunity to present our findings to the rest of the school and children from other year groups hopefully learnt something that day too.  When we agreed on our project, we set off to the Lee Valley so that we could clear as much litter as possible. So we spent an afternoon clearing up which made us as proud as it did ashamed – of course we wanted to make a difference to our local community and pay it forward. We had local people complementing our hard work on Facebook and social media as well as great congratulations from the officers themselves. Without the enduring work and persistence of the local community and police officers, Waltham cross and Cheshunt might not be as safe to live in as it is. We thank all the officers involved and hope you consider St. Joseph’s for next year!

Dragon’s Apprentice 

Year 5 are starting to work on their business plan for this years dragon’s Apprentice project. They are raising money for Four Swannes Vision and this week the group met with members who benefit from the charity and Sarah our link. Watch this space for forthcoming events to make this years project the best. Good luck Year 5!


Year 4 Assembly 

I’ve got a feeling that this will be a good one!(familiar anyone?) An absolutely amazing assembly filled with everything an assembly should have. As I said this morning , I really am quite proud that I achieved 3 out of 4 of the Catchphrases which really were acted perfectly. The buzzers worked and even the chocolate river flowed. Thank you Miss Entwisle , Mrs Jess and Year 4 for making our Friday so special. Well Done!

The song was amazing and I did record it twice but I need to wait until I get a little help from Miss Gunn Monday to upload(even as adults we are always learning) I will share it then I promise.

World Book Day

It was amazing to walk around and see Little red riding hood working with the Big Bad wolf. A cat teaching from her perch on the desk. Tweedle dee or was it dum photocopying.Did you know Harry Potter played the flute? Thank you EVERYONE for making this such a fantastic day . We had quite a few parents who dropped in to read at the end of the day and share a story together .

I’m Amber from The Midnight Gang because The Midnight Gang is a great story. They help hospital people make their dreams come true.Isabella V – Year 2

I’m Horrid Henry because he pranks people and causes mischief!Alexander – Year 2

Today I came as Harry Potter because it’s my favourite book and I like the movie.Luca G – Year 6

I’m the soldier in War Horse. He tries to find his horse and wants to rescue him.James – Year 6

I’m Lottie Pumpkin, she’s an undercover princess! The book is very exciting and I like her stories.Lilliana – Year 5

I came as the Queen of Hearts. She’s a really funny character and it’s quite easy to pull off. You can be creative with it.Alex – Year 5

I’m a fire fighter – they save people. I’m a non-fiction book!Adrian – Year 3




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