Broxbourne Youth Violence Initiative

This week I was privileged to take up the invite to visit St Mary’s Cheshunt to hear presentations from many people including the police, Ex gang members, ex convicts and two extremely brave mothers who have lost children as a result of knife crime.St Mary’s have been working hard over the past few months to address such issues as they effect their school. They have set up many practices,activities and information session for schools to support us in understanding the real situation here. 

Here is a note from our Safeguarding Governor  

On Monday 4th March, 3 members of staff from St Josephs and I, attended a Youth Violence Community Awareness event. Although the information provided there was shocking and scary, I feel it only right to first state that Hertfordshire is still one of the safest Counties in the Country.

The evening consisted of two parts, the first was about gangs, we were spoken to by previous gang leaders/members from the charity St Giles Trust, who spoke honestly about boys and girls as young as 10/11 years old being groomed to join their gangs. The second part of the evening, 3 very brave Mothers told the stories of how they lost their Sons to violence, none of whom were in a gang!

The speakers left with several parting messages, you are the parent, you are in charge, know where your children are and who they are with. Speak to your children about these issues. Help your children to know their values.

I myself as a parent have taken their messages on board! Youth Violence is a national concern, let’s keep our children safe and aware of the world they live in.

Mrs Elson


Please see information attached from St Giles Trust.As we start our work on this and adapt for a Primary school we will be supporting and informing our families as this is sadly an issue that we have to address within the community and the area we live. Knowledge is key to keeping safe and that is what we aim to do at an appropriate level. 

County Lines

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