Year 3, Spring 1, Week 5

The children have had a lot to think about this week as the school has celebrated children’s mental health week.  On Tuesday they enjoyed a wonderful assembly from Mrs Bonsignore, which has given them great pointers about a healthy mind and an unhealthy mind as well as reminding them of the importance of sharing when they have worries.  On Monday, they had an interesting talk from a guest speaker about the importance of online safety and they tell me plenty today that they had learned from that.  Well done, Year 3!

This week we have started a new unit in English about playscripts.  We have listened to and read from Alice in Wonderland, both as a book and as a playscript.  The children enjoyed using stage directions to perform verbs in a variety of ways.

In maths, we completed our multiplication and division work and began a unit on statistics, so over the last couple of days we have interpreted data from pictograms and bar charts and have begun to draw our own pictograms.  Some of us found it tricky at first but there has been great perseverance from all of Year 3 and everyone has produced a successful pictogram.

In science with Mrs Allen, the children continued their work on fossilisation and have painted the fossils they made last week.

We have completed our RE topic of Journeys this week.  This has been an interesting topic but one which had a lot of information in it for the children to take in about the Liturgical Year.  They have produced some lovely, interesting work.  Our next topic is Listening and Sharing.

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