Spring 1 Week 5

This week, St Joseph’s has raised the profile of Children’s Mental Health through a variety of activities across the week. Mrs Bonsignore started the week off by delivering an outstanding assembly to the children explaining what mental health is and suggestions to help the children with their emotions. Mrs Bonsignore has also said to the children that she will always be available if the children want to talk to her as well as any member of staff; teachers, TA’s or adults.

















In raising the profile of Children’s Mental Health, the children have been completing fun activities to help understand their emotions and are aware of them. In doing so, we have looked at what makes a healthy meal, what we think about our selves, what our friends think of us, how exercise can make us feel better and walking and talking. See photos below.




























Year 4 had a visitor on Monday. We were told about the importance of being safe online. We went through a few different topics about social media and how to be safe throughout the children’s life. The children were very good and answered a lot of important questions.








This week in English, we have continued looking at non-chronological reports. We looked at the features and how to note take based on a big piece of information. We have also looked at the importance of using paragraphs and sub-headings.

In Maths this week, we have continued looking at converting between seconds and minutes and then minutes and hours. Next week we are going to be looking at perimeter and shape.

We have come to the end of our RE topic – community. For this week, we finished by looking at the symbols and objects used for a funeral. I was really impressed with the children as they were very mature and sensible about such a hard lesson to talk about. Our next topic is called Giving and Receiving.

In Science this week, we completed writing our conclusions for our child-led enquiry. The children have used PEEL to write an outstanding conclusion. We also looked at a lions roar and how it differs to ours. We investigated what our voice box is and how it works. Can the children explain it to you?

Next week, we will complete our Topic Sound and start Classification.


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