Spring 1 week 5

Today was a calm, peaceful day, which ending our mental health week.

English- we have started our new book Hermelin, all about a little detective who was judged for being a pest, a rodent, a RAT!!! Until one girl, Emily, took him under her care. It is a heart-warming tale of adventure and companionship.

Maths- we have looked at opposite angles, protractors and calculating missing angles. Next week, we will be looking at coordinates.

RE- we started our new topic ‘unity’ by writing an email as Peter explaining how God wants us to be united and the positives from being so.

Science- we looked at how penguins are adapted to their chilli environments.

Topic (geog)- we practised our atlas skills by labelling maps of the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

Until next week……

Have a lovely weekend.

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