PTA Reminders

School Disco (Friday 15th February 2019):

Infants will be taken from their class straight to the hall after school for the disco (tomorrow is a mufti day so children will already be in non-uniform). The Infant Disco will finish at 5.00pm.

Juniors to bring their tickets with them at 5.30pm for the Junior Disco – admittance will be through the side door by Year 1. The Junior Disco will finish at 7.00pm.

Please note that all children should be collected from the side door by Year 1. We will let the children out in class order so please bear with us as we ensure that all children are returned to their carers/families. With this in mind, please can you arrive promptly at pick=up times to avoid any delay.

PTA Meeting:

The next meeting will take place on on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 2.15 in the Nursery. The main topic will be the Summer Fete so all ideas are welcome. An agenda will will be sent out the day before.

As always, thank you for your continued support – and happy Valentine’s Day!  

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