Our week!

This week at St Joseph’s has been another busy one but we really have had a fantastically calm and happy end to it. As you know this week we have been supporting the National Week for children’s Mental Health. This began with an amazing assembly by Mrs Bonsignore on what a healthy and unhealthy mind is. The children really engaged in the assembly and the follow up activities. Every lunchtime there has been mindful colouring and meditation which myself and Miss Gunn have run , culminating today with calm baking this lunchtime with those who have attended sessions most of the week. The 8 of us did extremely well ,making 24 jam tarts,36 cupcakes(lemon and chocolate) and a loaf of Rosemary & Garlic bread.

Mary Berry would be proud!

The whole school then met in the hall to go off into their groups for our ‘Be Happy’ afternoon. All staff had a planned an activity and the children completed 2. Activities ranged from; Pilates,yoga,dance,weaving,massage ,colouring,sewing , a walk in Lea Valley (Thank you parents!) and much more. 


These are just a few of the thoughts from our children;

‘Yoga helped me because it helped me to relax’.

‘This week I have learnt that to have a healthy mind you have to think positive,say I can and if you are depressed feel free to share with someone’.

Lunchtime activities 

Be Happy Afternoon


Drama Club started on Wednesday. Mrs Nash has kindly offered to run our club on a lunchtime . 17 children took part and from the few drop ins I did it looked to be a fantastic session. Who knew how much Alexia knew about Pandas? What about how  Sebastian sat in the hot seat and talked about school. Exciting times ahead!

A Quick look around our school! 

New Corridor displays this term with a focus on topic and writing in Key stage 2 and real life maths in Key stage 1 and EYFS.

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 1 & Reception

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