Counting back!

Maths: this week we have been learning how to count back from 20 and subtracting using a number line.

English: We have continued reading Marlon and his noo-noo. We discussed how brave his was deciding to give up his noo-noo. We role played in partners being Marlon and his not so nice friends. We looked at questions and wrote questions that we would want to ask Marlon. Learning how to use question marks.

Science: We looked at our 5 senses and what they were used for. We discussed things that we touch, smell, see, hear and taste.

R.E: We finished our topic with writing questions that we would like to ask Father John about his life and priesthood. We look forward to hearing his answers.

On Tuesday Isabella kindly treated us to prawn crackers and showed us her decorative Chinese lantern used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We made our own Chinese dragons to celebrate.

Also well done to Ava who climbed the 311 steps to go all the way up the monument and found Pudding Lane.

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