Year 5 – Week 4

This week in Year 5 the children had been getting ready for the beginning of Advent and explored some tasks around ‘waiting’ in R.E. lessons. They wrote about a time when they had to wait for something important to happen in their lives.

In Maths this week we had been revisiting multiplication strategies and how we could apply thee to solve more complicated calculations, using base facts. E.g. O.8 x 8 = ? For this we knew the base fact – 8 x 8 = 64 and when we make one multiplier 10 times smaller, the product becomes 10 times smaller. Ask your child what would happen if you were to reduce both multipliers/ increase on and reduce the other by 10 or 100. Next week we are continuing this learning and exploring how this could help us with division rules.

In English we continued our Amazing Amazon Adventure and started exploring our ‘survival kit’. Some children wanted to bring along vinegar for infection control, while others wanted a blanket and some breakfast bars. All answers considered, if you only had 6 items to help you (stranded) in the Amazon, what would you bring? Next week in English we will be writing further non-chronological reports about the Amazon.

In computing this week the children made their contributions to our Online Advent noticeboard – padlet for short.

Happy Advent all. Be peaceful and start spreading that ‘good-will’ to all.

God Bless

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