Year 3, Autumn 2, Week 4

This week in English, we have continued our work on newspaper reports.  The children have been examining headlines, looking at word play, alliteration and what makes a good headline.  They also started planning their own newspaper reports which we will be continuing and completing next week.

In maths, subtraction using mental arithmetic has been this week’s focus.  The children have looked at place value subtraction and have started looking at ways of regrouping to make the subtraction easier.  They really enjoyed playing a card game to practise their mental subtraction (photos to follow).

We have started our new RE topic of Visitors which will take us through advent.  This week the children thought about how we prepare for visitors and the joys and demands of having visitors.

In French this week, we practised counting to ten.  We also discovered that within our class we can, between us, count in at least 9 different languages!

The new list of spellings is available to practise on Spelling Shed.  This week’s rule is the prefix ’dis-’ which has a negative meaning.  It often means ‘does not’, as in does not agree = disagree.

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