Week 3/4 Autumn 2

What a fantastic and exciting week Year 4 have had!

We kicked started the week with some of the Year 4 members of the choir heading over to the Royal Albert Hall. The boys and girls were part of a larger choir of over 1000 children who put on a marvellous performance in aid of the Barnardo’s charity. The children sang beautifully and were very well-behaved throughout what was a very long and demanding day for them. Well done! The rest of Year 4 spent a lovely day in Year 5 with Mr. Gallagher. What a treat!

In Maths last week, we looked at how we could remember out multiplication facts. So we started to play games to recall different facts based on the knowledge that we already knew. Children went in groups and played against each other. The children really enjoyed this!

In Maths this week we have continued looking at patterns in all of the timetables. Safe to say all the children found this really interesting so we carried on looking at the patterns and applied what we found to 3,4 and even 5 digit numbers. For example, if the number ends in an even number must be divisible by 2. Ask the children what else they found with the 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 8’s and even 9’s.

In English, we have started writing our final persuasive pieces. So far they are absolutely fantastic! Next week, we are going to complete and edit, then perform them. Super excited to see the end product!

We have started our final RE Topic this term ‘Gift’. In our first lesson we looked at what makes a good friend. Our first piece of work went on display and we all created our own heart which stated the ingredients for a good friend with reasons as to why you need that particular characteristic. What a stunning display they have creating, with love and meaning!

In Science last week and this week, we have started our new topic ‘Sound’. In our first lesson, we went on a sound walk. The children went to different areas of the school and listened to the different sounds that they could hear. This week in science, we created our own mobile telephones out of polystyrene cups and string. We learnt about what sound vibrations and sound waves were . Look at the link below for the experiment that we did in class and see if the children can explain to you what happens and why.







In topic last week we started creating our own Roman Shield! Thank you to those that supplied the class with loads of cardboard. On our Topic Sharing Day we will look like Roman Warriors!

On Friday we went to the Roman Verulamium on our first Year 4 Trip! What a day! I’m sure all of the children were tired after all the walking that we did. We started by exploring the Roman Museum. All the children were really excited and engaged with what was there and different hands-on activities. We then went in to our workshop where the lady was really informative about the Roman period. The children certainly impressed her with all their knowledge and I was super proud! The children then went on to explore all the different artefacts and objects that were real or replicas of that time period. All the children had a chance to handle the objects and have a guess as to what they were used for. Some of the items were so similar to the ones we have today!

After that we then headed to the park for a run around and some food. Then swiftly moved on to the Roman wall that still stands in front of the Cathedral. We also took the chance to see the Roman Mosaics on the floor underneath the football pitches out side. See all the images below!

Well done Year 4! Thank you to our volunteers, Mrs Mangan and our Class Governor, Mr. Bonsignore for helping out, also thank you to Mrs Jess, Mrs Firth and Mr. Hunter for coming on the school trip. You all made it a safe and exciting day out!









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