Year 3, Autumn 2, Week 1

Another busy week draws to a close and what a lovely close it was, as we finished today with the school remembrance assembly.  Although none of Year 3 had a major role to play, their behaviour and effort to join in with the hymns was exemplary so I was really proud of them.

In English this week, we have been concentrating on direct speech.  We have spent some time looking at what the character is saying, then deciding where to put the inverted commas and other punctuation.  Year 3 have worked really hard at getting this right this week.

We have been doing a lot of ‘thinking 10’ this week in maths.  We have been adding numbers together with regrouping, looking for how to split ones so that we could make 10 with another number eg in 657 + 6, we split the 6 into 3 and 3, then renamed the sum 660 + 3.  Although many children have found this difficult, we have persevered and seem to have cracked it!  Next week, we’ll be adding tens and trying to ‘think 100’.  Watch this space!  We really are trying hard to improve our mental agility with number though so any opportunity you have to practise adding numbers and talking about numbers, please do so.

We continue with our Promises topic in RE.  This week we watched a video of a baptism and paid particular attention to the litany of saints before researching our own patron saints.  We found a lot of information and wrote down some interesting facts.

In Topic, we thought about what Stone Age man needed to survive and discussed what most necessary for survival.  We enjoyed discussing what would be the most necessary for survival and had lots of different opinions.  It was great listening to the children discussing their opinions and justifying their ideas.

Spellings this week are Challenge Words, which are available on Spelling Shed for children to practise.  Please remember to keep up the practise on TTRockstars too – division as well as multiplication.


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