Week 1 Autumn 2

What a way kick off the new term!

The children have been hard at work performing our own riddles that were certainly difficult to guess. We are going to write them out again to create our own riddle class book. You are more than welcome to pop in and see if you can crack the code! We have also started our new topic persuasion… i’m sure the children are going to try and use the new techniques that we have learnt! Watch out… you might be in for a trip to the National Portrait Gallery!

In Maths we have carried on looking at subtraction using the column method. Today was particularly difficult as we were subtracting with regrouping but there was missing numbers!

In topic this week, we looked at the who was in Britain before the Romans invaded … Can the children the name them? Yes the Celts! We wrote diary entries in the shoes of a Celtic Child. Soumi’s was really good and was awarded Writer of the Week!

This week in RE we started looking at Confirmation and what this entails.

On Friday was our launch of P.S.H.E! The children really enjoyed learning about each other and noticed how much they have in common and learnt about new subjects that they were unfamiliar with…. the art of conversation – we are developing on our social skills.

Next week we will continue learning about persuasion in English. In Maths we are going to finish subtraction with column method and start moving on to counting in multiples and division.

Have a lovely weekend!



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