Nursery News 9/11/18

Welcome back after half term. Can you believe we are already in our second half term hurtling towards Christmas!

It has been an excellent week in Nursery and we have just started our new topic, ‘People Who Help Us.’ We have a new vets roleplay area which the children have really been enjoying. If any of you have pets at home we would really like it if you could send in some photos of your child with their pet. It would be a great opportunity to share their experiences and develop their speaking and listening skills. We would love to display the photos in our role play corner. We looked into the role of the vet and our book of the week was ‘Mog and the Vee Eee Tee’.

Mog even played a vital role in our maths learning this week as we looked at positional language. The children had to say where Mog was in relation to a chair. The children worked very hard to tell me whether Mog was on, under, in front of,next to and behind the chair!Please do continue to practise positional language at home by placing an object in a box or under the bed, for example and asking the children to tell you where it is.

Next week will be anti-bullying week and we will focus on being kind and respectful of others. On Monday, children are being asked to wear odd socks to accompany their uniform. The ‘odder the better’ so any colours, patterns, etc that they want to wear will be great!

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all Monday

Mrs Carpineta and Mrs Gilliam.




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