Week 7

We made it! Well done to all the children for reaching the end of what was a really hard and long term!

We completed our myth and started riddle writing which the children have found really fun. Lets try, i’m sure the children will be able to guess this one:

I went to London and have been to Rome. I could go to India and sometimes I get sent home. I do all of this by simply sitting in a corner. What am I?

In Maths we have been learning about the column method with no regrouping and some regrouping and have used mathematical language to explain why they have to be regrouped.

In Science we have started looking at the digestion system and the journey that food takes once entered out mouths. After half term the children are going to be looking and experimenting how the food moves through the body. EXCITING!

This week was Judaism Week. We started off by looking at the Torah and other significant objects within the religion. The children created their own magazine article about the Torah explaining its important and how Jews show respect.

Have a well deserved rest and recharge Year 4!! I super proud of everything that you have achieved this term! WELL DONE!



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