Week 5

Another week has left us.

This week we were treated to our second buddy assembly. Well done Year 6.

English- we have started our mixed genre version of Snow White and have really started well, using lots of features discussed in previous weeks.

Maths- we looked at number properties and inparticular multiples, factors, squares, common factors, primes and some of us even looked at numbers called trumps, abundant and perfect!

Topic- we finally looked at our salted apples which we have left to do its job to see which salt is the best desiccant. Our conclusion is- table salt.

Science- the chidlren wrote some amazing factfiles all about the components of our blood- the red and white bloodcells, plasma and platelets.

This week we also celbrated Black History Week. We were inundated with beautiful food and had a lovely visitor to speak to us all about high achieving black people. We loved the last line used, ‘the world is waiting for your story’. we were taught a powerful message- thank you to Kamsi and Kosi’s dad and all the other parents who have made today so memorable. Our sustained writing this week was dedcated to Black History week, we wrote our own I have a dream speeches and they were fantastic!! We also watched a few snippets from the film Hidden Figures (watch if you have not seen before- it is brilliant) and discussed the fact that without these powerful black women a lot of NAsa’s achievements wouldn’t have been as great.

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