Week 3

W/C 28 September

This week has gone so fast but it has been super busy!

We have put our figurative language to good use this week in English and have created our own diary entries in the shoes of Venus or her secret love – Anchises. We have also looked at our new text called City of Dreams and Adventures in the Underworld. The children have written character descriptions of Neptune or Jupiter showing the best way to use figurative language effectively.















In Maths this week, we have finished off our rounding topic but not for long! We have also have done our first Mental Arithmetic which was absolutely amazing!







In topic this week we have created our timeline and dipped in to different areas of Roman history which we will investigate further as the weeks go on.

In RE this week we have looked at the story of Ruth and the significance she has in the family tree of Jesus. The children created either a prayer card explain how you should live out your life to the full thinking about morals, added speech bubbles to Ruth and Naomi representing their thoughts and feelings or an interview to find out why Ruth made the choice to follow and support Naomi. We have also focused on the story of Solomon. The children created a speech for Year 2 explaining why we should follow what God states and the significance of it in our own lives.


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