Now that we’re in Year 5, we must be ANCIENT!

This week and last has been an awesome start to Year 5. We began by setting the expectation of work and behaviour attitude high. Here are the rules your children came up with:


Throughout the week we have been dipping into the Ancient  Maya. We discovered that they were one of the earliest civilisations to use cocoa beans – ground to a paste – to create this delicious, sweet paste that they mixed with hot water…chocolate! The year 5’s had a chance to sample what early chocolate probably tasted like:

In maths we discovered that Place Value increases all the way to millions! This will benefit us for next week when we look at the distance between planets in our solar system!

After an afternoon of french, some of the year 5 children became Francophiles, when they were pronouncing and recalling ‘Quel temps fait – il?’ so please ask your child to tell you one of the new phrases they practised.

Did you know that 5 ft 3 in is the height of the shortest ever NBA player. The average height for the NBA is somewhere around 6 ft 7 in though, so being tall will definitely help you, but it’s not a prerequisite, so don’t worry if you’re not quite that height!

Finally, producing some beautiful work for our display, the year 5’s worked hard and were focused throughout our English lessons in the week.

Here is the display they helped to create:

Stay focused year 5. Excellent start to the year, if we increase our pace even more, we’ll achieve so much! Keep that attitude positive.

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