Talent…Talent…And Even More Talent!

How on earth did we manage to fit so much talent into the School Hall?! Well…it was a tight squeeze…let me tell you!

As well as a change in the starting time due to such a plethora of acts making it to the final, there was also a change in terms of our audience as parents  were invited to attend for the very first time. All of the money raised from ticket sales will go towards our new Prayer Room…thank you to all concerned!

As always, whilst there can only be one winner, it is true to say that all of the boys and girls who performed today are winners simply for being chosen from the auditions and then having the courage to perform in front of such a large (and appreciative!) audience.


After much deliberation the judges’ decision was as follows:

1st: Fran

2nd: Cara, Rose, Francesca, Isabella and Aoife

3rd: Matilda

Bravery Award: Emilio!

Well done to all concerned…including our Year 6 ‘Stage Crew’ (especially Noah and Abisah) and our hosts with the most…Henry and Francesca! 

Our ‘Winners’!

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