Parent Voice

Many thanks to those parents who contributed to our new style Parent Voice last week.

As always, all comments are welcome and provide us with important feedback as we continually strive to provide the best that we can for our children and the whole school community.

Thank you also for the number of positive comments which serve to inspire us further to even greater success. 

  • Well done to Mrs Skelton – the School Choir is great and the children are thoroughly enjoying it! (various parents from Year 4 – Year 6)

  • Class News – can all teachers provide regular weekly updates? Yes – this will be addressed since it is an expectation on our part.

  • Year 4/Year 5/Year 6 – Children happy with teacher and Teaching Assistant.

  • Mrs Ramsay has done a super job as Reception Class Teacher; very pleased with all of her/the team’s hard work.

  • Reception Assembly – Brilliant!

  • School App – Would be nice if the dates in the diary worked. This is an on-going issue that we have had with the school app and synchronising it to the website calendar. We are currently developing a mobile-friendly website which will replace the school app next term.

  • Year 4 Sleepover – A great experience. Agreed – children really enjoyed it!

  • Aspirations Day – Great enjoyable day.

  • Year 5 Class Dojo – Lots of deducted dojos – are children taking this seriously any more? – This is something that we are currently reviewing for a ‘re-launch’ in September.

  • Packed Lunches – Can these be stored in a cool area? – This is a good point and we will investigate the various possibilities.

  • Team Sports – can there be more emphasis on Team Sports? – Yes we are aware that this has been an issue this year; we have had issues arranging matches with other schools and several tournaments have been cancelled. We have been involved in a variety of initiatives aimed at promoting health and fitness/increased participation and are looking to develop this further next year.

  • Love the way the school has taught all three of my children; very sad to go. Continue the good work. (Year 6)

  • Art Exhibition – Really lovely and reasonably priced.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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