Our Wonderful New Prayer Room

This morning, our new Prayer Room was ‘officially’ opened and blessed by Fr. John.

During our RE Inspection in January, our marvellous Chaplaincy Team shared their ‘vision’ for a Prayer Room at St. Joseph’s with the inspectors, and subsequently it was set as a ‘target’ for us to achieve by our next inspection in 5 years time…so we are a little ‘ahead of the game’!

The reason for such prompt action was that so our Chaplaincy Team could see their vision become reality…which is what we celebrated today. 

Under Mrs O’Connor’s guidance, our Chaplaincy Team this year have done such amazing work, including leading the Lee Valley Deanery Retreat Day in March, and today was just reward for their efforts.

Sincere thanks to all of those people who helped our Chaplaincy Team’s vision become a reality including Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Perone and the builders from Leary Brothers…we are truly indebted to you all.

This afternoon, all of the children visited the Prayer Room for the first time…of many!

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