Year 5 vs The Ancients, in an Epic History Uncovering

In maths this week, the children have been practising multiplication and division word problems. They have come so far with their reasoning explanations and here is an example of how it’s done in year 5! Wow, what great effort.

Throughout the week the children have had the opportunity to explore a period of history, not usually on the national curriculum expectation. In year 5 we hearkened all the way back to the Qin Dynasty (first emperor of China), who was buried alongside a Terracotta Army. Here are some of the beautiful water colour depictions and the information about the famous Asian warriors.

Still in the History theme, we had a special guest visitor joining us from the Hertfordshire Museum. She bought the Ancient Egyptians to life on the assembly hall for the year 5 children with artefacts, demonstrations and costumes (we love a dress up in Year 5).

A Great thank you to Mrs. Pisaturo for arranging such a fantastic experience.

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